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Sample student projects

Sample student projects

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  Some tools  
  1. Simplified Chinese <-->Traditional Chinese
http://www.tool.la/GB2312-BIG5/ (Open it in IE; doesn’t work in Firefox)
Enter Chinese characters, then click “转化为简体”(convert into Simplified Chinese) or 转化为繁体 (convert into Traditional Chinese).

2. Chinese characters--> Pinyin
Enter Chinese characters, then click 查拼音 (convert into Pinyin)

3. Chinese<-->English translation
Enter Chinese/English phrases or sentences and translate them into equivalent English/Chinese.
(Note: Google’s pronunciation engine is currently not very good at this site.)

4. Chinese Pronunciation
Pinyin http://www.pthxx.com/pinyin/fayin/index.html
Chinese characters or phrases: http://zh.forvo.com/search/ Enter Chinese characters in the搜索词语 form, click the “汉语” [zh] tab, then click on the triangle icon.

5. Chinese Character Flashcards

6. Free audio recording software:
Audacity http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
  A Chinese Poem  

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